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Down for the Homeless Count

  SOH youth and staff had the pleasure to participate in a press conference for the upcoming 2018 Homeless Count. The Homeless Count is conducted every year to gather data about people experiencing homelessness in the region.  Data from the homeless count determines how resources are allocated and provides information on trends.  At the press conference, we

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Invest In Potential

  Youth at Sanctuary of Hope are realizing their full potential. By investing in Sanctuary of Hope, you help to cultivate a generation of optimistic youth who will be influential leaders in their communities. Financial support to Sanctuary of Hope goes directly towards providing basic needs and housing and education supports for vulnerable youth and

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Intimate Conversations on Youth Homelessness

 Thank you for being a part of the conversation and helping us to launch Homeless Youth Awareness Month.  On November 7, we had over 170 attendees join for awareness, advcocacy, and action to prevent and end youth homelessness. We thank everyone who wrote a special inspiration love note to youth facing or experiencing housing insecurity. 

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SB 12 Passes and Governor Signs

We are thankful that Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 12  this past Thursday. Senate Bill 12 was authored by California State Senator Jim Beall and sponsored by John Burton Advocates for Youth. The measure will go into effect on January 1, 2018 and will increase access to the federal Pell Grant, which provides a

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