A Village Provides A Sense of Home

Bernice's apartment furnished and decorated by A Sense of Home
Bernice’s apartment furnished and decorated by A Sense of Home

After  6 months of housing instability and transitional employment,  Bernice, a former foster youth is enjoying her new home thanks to Sanctuary of Hope’s Rapid Rehousing Program.   To-date, she has been housed for 2 months.

The success of the Rapid Rehousing programs lies with community partnerships that help young adults build protective factors to secure and sustain housing such as, employment, counseling services, and support systems.  For Bernice,  the collaboration with The RightWay Foundation for employment and counseling services resulted in A Sense of Home furnishing her brand new apartment. And, the local YouthSource operated by Brotherhood Crusade provides ongoing mentorship and education support.

“It takes a village of services beyond our Rapid Rehousing resources to provide a home.  I thank our nonprofit partners who join us on the journey to stabilize youth through housing so that they are able to be employed, go to school, and have a fulfilling life,” said Janet Denise Kelly, Sanctuary of Hope’s Executive Director. “I also thank landlords who provide an opportunity for our young adults to be housed,” she continued.

Bernice has two jobs and is working on her educational goals.

“I love my new place.  I like how it is decorated. It’s nice. It’s mine.” – Bernice