Year-End Giving


As we come to the end of 2017, we want to thank you for your generous gifts throughout the year to support Sanctuary of Hope! This was an amazing year of service to the community. And, you have improved the quality of life of 432 youth.  Every year people ask how they can help SOH as the year comes to a close. One of the most important ways to help us move youth from a state of insecurity to stability is to make a year-end financial gift so that we are able to have the resources to invest in the potential of youth and young adults.

Year-end giving helps us to meet current needs related to our  planned expansion of housing and youth development services as we move into the next year.  And, we have a goal to finish strong  in 2017 and create positive momentum for our new programs that will impact the lives of 75 additional youth in 2018.

Thank you for investing in our youth’s potential and for considering how you can make a huge difference with a special year-end gift. 


Gifts of Cash

The most popular way to make a gift is with cash, check, or credit card. To take a deduction for the gift on your 2017 tax return, your gift must be postmarked or received by SOH on or before December 31, 2017. You can also donate by going online here.

Corporate Match

Many large and local corporations offer employee charitable giving match programs. Check with your company to see if they offer corporate matching, thus doubling your donation to SOH. If interested, please contact us for further instructions.

Gifts of Non-Cash Assets

You can also donate certain assets of value to SOH, which can be a tax benefit to the donor, including:

Stocks/bonds/mutual funds: You can donate to SOH instead of selling it. Have your investment broker contact our office for instructions to transfer the securities to our account.

Real Estate: This is especially beneficial if the property is worth less now than when you purchased it. You can donate the proceeds from the sale to SOH and take a capital loss on your tax return.

Important Note

Please consult your tax adviser before making any major decisions that may have an impact on your tax liability. Also, donating these types of gifts generally take longer to arrange, so notify your investment adviser right away to make sure your gift can qualify as a 2015 transaction for tax purposes.


The purpose of this publication is only to make you aware of the possibilities that may exist for you to make a donation to Sanctuary of Hope. This is not to be taken as advice for financial or tax purposes.