SB 12 Passes and Governor Signs

We are thankful that Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 12  this past Thursday. Senate Bill 12 was authored by California State Senator Jim Beall and sponsored by John Burton Advocates for Youth.

The measure will go into effect on January 1, 2018 and will increase access to the federal Pell Grant, which provides a maximum of $5,920 to students enrolled full-time.

SB 12 will increase access to the Pell Grant for foster youth by enacting three measures:

(1) Identifying an individual to assist the youth in their application to college and financial aid;
(2) Streamlining the financial aid verification process;
(3)Authorizing up to 20 community college districts to implement the Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Education Support (CAFYES) program, which provides hands-on assistance to youth.

Over 130 agencies, including SOH, advocated for the passage of Senate Bill 12. We also thank you for your advocacy on Senate Bill 12.