Times Are Changing At SOH for the Good


2018 has become a year of many “NEW” opportunities for SOH and our partners to invest in the promise and potential of our youth. Hope Connections is one of our newest programs serving vulnerable youth in the South Bay. In weeks ahead, we will be opening our first ever Bridge Housing blocks away from the campus of USC to assist young people with temporary housing while they are waiting for their next housing destination. This location with 12 beds is one of 30 new beds in South Los Angeles and the South Bay.

Not only are we are increasing our housing, we are improving the aesthetics of our Adams location to make room for new programs that will help youth dealing with family conflict reconnect with their families and forge better family relationships, young parenting families build strong peer networks and resiliency, young men of color fair better in safety net systems, youth voices be heard through advocacy and organizing, and youth graduate from high school and post secondary education with tracks to careers.

Our commitment to service has been possible with many wonderful partnerships, amazing volunteers, and community investment to give our young people hope. Because of you, we can reach further and do more than ever.